Country vacations has the biggest network of clubs and resorts in India and is very popular for entertainment and holiday options for all its members and guests. The management takes major interest in providing the best for all its members from all over the country and abroad. One of the best features about this whole network is the locations of the clubs and resorts. They are located in some of the best and most popular holiday and tourist destinations in and around India. With prime luxury properties that are designed according to the member’s requirement, they provide facilities that are in demand with the whole worldwide members. The facilities can be arranged by the requirement of the member. If the member needs pure family holidays then they can choose from the largest network of clubs and resorts and their choice is just a phone call away. If the member wishes to experience wild life, this can be enjoyed at the Bandipur national park. If member wishes to enjoy the beach life there are several properties that provide this lifestyle in luxury. The members who love to spend their time or holidays in the hill stations also have destinations to choose from this network of clubs and resorts. Now with Country Vacations initiating its presence in several international destinations, the members can travel and enjoy the perfect international experience.
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Country Vacations India has been innovating solutions with a focus on member satisfaction. A new drive in this regard is The country club that aids access to non affiliate properties for member across India.
• The country vacations India website is the one stop destinations for all the holiday and family vacations.
• This site helps the country vacations India member to choose and decide on the best holiday available for their whole family.
• Latest information is updated and is available in real time for the members.
• The holiday options not only include the major cities but also the areas where the remote holiday destinations are located.
• The whole website is user friendly and is ful of information to help the member to the optimum.
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